Instrumental Spinal Adjustment in Clifton Park NY

Chiropractic Clifton Park NY Instrumental Spinal Adjustment

Are you looking for a great chiropractor in Clifton Park NY for back pain treatment? Check out Family Chiropractic with Dr. Terry, located in Clifton Park, near Mechanicville, Malta, Albany, and Latham. Below you will find more information on instrumental spinal adjustment.

How Does Instrumental Spinal Adjustment Treat Back Pain in Clifton Park NY?

Instrumental spinal adjustment can help alleviate and help heal chronic back pain you are experiencing. The chosen instrument is used to apply force to the spine. Hands can do the same thing, although force and pressure applied by hands can sometimes be too much. Using an instrument can help apply more controlled pressure to the pain area. Using an instrument can also help apply pressure to a more localized, smaller area of the body, getting to the pain area more efficiently.

What is Instrumental Spinal Adjustment?

Instrumental spinal adjustment is the use of instruments when adjusting the spine. There are a variety of tools that chiropractors use to help adjust the spine to where its suppose to be. Many times, the hands and instruments are used as a combination while readjusting the spine to its correct area.

Using instruments can help increase the effectiveness, safety, and accuracy of the adjustment on the spine. While the chiropractor's hands are a great tool to use during spinal adjustments, small mistakes can still be made, which can decrease with the help of instruments.

How the Chiropractor will Conduct the Procedure

Based on where your pain is located, our chiropractor, Dr. Terry, may have you stay sitting up or have you lie face down. Instrumental spinal adjustment is very similar to when a chiropractor applies pressure to certain parts of your body during a traditional chiropractic adjustment with their hands. The instrument is placed on certain parts of the spine where the pain is localized, as well as other parts of the body to help readjust the spine to its normal position. The instrument may be used on the lower back, middle back, upper back, and/or neck area to help align the spine with the neck.

Before instrumental spinal adjustment is recommended, you need to set up an initial appointment so that we can go over your health and pain history. After we discuss your history and an exam has been conducted, we can then diagnose your pain and recommend a treatment plan, that may include instrumental spinal adjustment.


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